Mixing Music

Signal Studios specializes in mixing music of any genre, whether it be Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, EDM, Metal or Rock, Signal has you covered. Our chief engineer Raffi Tomassian uses a variety of analogue outboard gear and modern plugins to bring your project to life and make your music sound amazing.

Whether you have recorded your song in your bedroom, garage or at a recording studio, as long as the audio has been captured well with no digital distortion, Raffi will do whatever it takes to give your song the right balance and movement, so it is sonically ready for the mastering process.

Please read the FAQ section below to understand the Mixing requirements.



Signal Studios has a great business relationship with some of the most trusted and respected mastering facilities in the world. Depending on the music genre, we will suggest the best mastering facility and engineers that will add the final touches to your music, so it is ready for digital distribution. 

Please contact us for more details about the mastering engineers we work with in Australia, Los Angles, New York and Europe.

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If you are a Hip Hop, R&B or EDM artist and need an original composition for your vocal recording, check out our music store page. We can always add or remove sounds from an existing beat and tailor the music to suit your vision and vocals.

If you need a custom beat or a backing track, please contact us so we can discuss licensing, exclusive ownership and the production process with you in more detail.

Terms & Conditions

Quotes / Submissions:

Quoted prices are for reference only. They are not binding contracts and are subject to change. Any changes to quoted rates will be communicated to the client prior to invoicing. Standard rates are subject to increase on the basis of business climate and/or demand. 

Reservations Policy:

All Signal Studios Mixing clients are provided a reasonable amount of revisions to their finished mixes as a courtesy. All revisions must be requested within 7 days of final product delivery. Any revisions requested after 7 days are subject to additional charges. The amount of rounds of revisions which are deemed reasonable is at the sole discretion of the mixing engineer and may be capped at his discretion. 


All payments for mixing services are non-refundable. Final media will not be delivered until payment is made in full (unless otherwise arranged). Invoicing will be issued via PayPal, but clients are NOT required to possess a PayPal account in order to pay.


Signal Studios will keep your project on file for up to 1 year, but we assume no responsibility to do so. Backing up and securing all digital files and physical media is the sole responsibility of the client.


Delivery method(s) will be selected at the time of project submission. Some delivery formats require an additional surcharge. Signal Studios will deliver any and all requested formats upon client approval of the final mixes.The usual delivery would be full res versions of the mix, instrumental mix and vocal only mix.Any requests for additional delivery options requested after 7 days of project completion will be treated as new projects and may be subject to additional charges.

How to prepare for an online mixing session

  • Make sure that you are satisfied with the recordings and your performance/s
  • Complete all editing
  • Print all midi, virtual instruments and any additional effects or processing
  • Supply multi-track files dry, without reverb or effects
  • Prepare the correct file format
  • Double check your audio files in a new session
  • Tuning & Timing issues
  • Neat & Clear Track Naming 

Please do not assume any tuning or timing issues within the multi-tracks will be automatically resolved. If a small amount of vocal tuning is desired you can provide this information. If our engineer suspects the amount of tuning or editing will significantly intrude on mix time, we will let you know in advance. Large amounts of tuning and editing considered a “production” will be charged for and will delay turnaround time. 

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If you can’t find your answer here, contact us today. We are here to help you and will respond as soon as possible. 

Commonly confused. Simply put:

Mixing is the process of manipulating the song on a track-by-track basis. Setting levels, EQ’ing and compressing instruments and groups of instruments to create a two-channel (stereo left and right) mix of your song. 

Mastering is the manipulation of that two-channel stereo mix, putting the finishing touches on it to make it as “presentable” as possible. Mastering also includes ordering, spacing and prepping a track for its final delivery format. Of course, this is a gross simplification of both processes, but it is important to understand the fundamental differences. 


Export individual stems from your DAW (individual files e.g Kick, Snare, Hi Hat,lead vocals, backing vocals etc at the sample rate of your session and the highest bit depth your DAW will allow. 24 bit 48k is a good start. Important – Please remove any processing from your master bus 

Turnaround times can vary depending on the project and current workload. This topic can be discussed in depth before i start on your project.

Once we have discussed your project and you are happy with the pricing and terms, you can submit you’re audio via dropbox, google drive or any other file sharing service you are happy using. You will also need to name your files correctly and send any information that is relevant for your project such as Album name, track list etc. 

Once we’ve received your files and verified they are ready to go, we’ll send you an invoice via email. This invoice is generated via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to pay. Any credit card will also work or a direct transfer to our bank account.