Raffi Tomassian

Owner – Chief Engineer – Producer

At a very early age i was fascinated with the sound of instruments being played and i would often stay up to the early hours listening to the radio until i would fall asleep. Everyday my elder brother would play his electric guitar while listening to heavy metal music and after he finished playing i would walk into my sisters room (RIP Erika) and chill on her bed while she played Hip Hop, R&B and EDM. 


My father worked for CBS records for over 40 years and he would literally press the records at the factory. Sometimes he would take me there so i can watch him and my two uncle’s work. Sometimes I was lucky enough to meet artists, bands and managers that would come into the factory located at Artarmon Sydney to check on the progress of their vinyls.

Fast forward many years and many jobs and i decided to take my audio career seriously. I completed courses in Sound production and built a recording studio in West Ryde, Sydney Australia. I recorded everything from singles and albums for bands to podcasts and voiceovers for large corporations such as OPSM.

My experience has led me to specialize in mixing audio and I have decided that online mixing services is the direction I would like to take my business and career. I also create original compositions which I sell and license to musicians or anyone needing music for their projects.